Getting Started

Getting started with your Coaching, Instructing or Leadership training and qualifications is straightforward. 


Most participants will start with the Level 1 Training Course in the discipline you intend to participate in (alpine skiing/snowboard/nordic/freestyle).  You will need to join the coaching scheme through one of the National Governing Bodies of Snowsport England or Snowsport Wales and then book on the course.  Participants are required a skill level to join a course (info below), but if you are unsure of where you stand its best to go to your local centre and ask for some advice and lessons if necessary.


Coaches and Instructors are required to join their Governing Body Coaching Scheme, for membership details follow the links below;

Snowsport England

Snowsport Wales

Leaders participating in Snowsport Course Organiser or Alpine Ski Course Leader courses will have their membership fees included in course booking costs.

Book Your Place

Once you have found the course you are looking for, book your place on the course by completing the online course booking form or call the course organiser directly.  You may be required to pay a deposit to confirm your place, the balance will be due before the start of the course, or alternatively you can pay in full at the time of booking.

Entry Level Skill Requirements

Instructors and Coaches are required to have a level of competance in their skiing or riding prior to commencement of courses.  At an entry level (Level 1 Training Course), skiers are expected to be able to make linked parallel turns over a variety of turn shapes and terrain, snowboarders are expected to be able to make linked turns over a variety of turn shape and terrain.

Other Requirements

Instructors, Coaches and Leaders will also be required to hold valid First Aid qualification and complete a CRB check prior to completing their qualifications. 

First Aid qualifications for instructing and/or coaching in closed environments (ie artificial dry and/or insdoor slopes) require a First Aid Certificate gained from an HSE (authorised/recognised) course lasting at least 3 hours.

First Aid qualifications for coaching in open environmehnts(ie mountain snow resorts) require a First Aid Certificate gained from an HSE (authorised/recognised) course lasting at least 12 hours.

Instructors and Coaches will also be required to hold a Safeguarding and Protecting Children Certificate.  Information on where this can be obtained is available from your HNGB head office.

Already Qualified Abroad or Hold Other Snowsport Qualifications?

If you already have another qualification and wish to join the UK Snowsport Coaching Awards, please complete the form Where do I Fit In? and send to your registering body (England/Wales) with your membership fees and registration form.  The form clearly outlines where other qualifications fit into the UK Snowsport Coaching Awards.