The Role of the IVSI

Snowsports England is the British member of the IVSI and in the short term will continue to operate the IVSI licence for UK Snowsports. The IVSI is the name usually given to the International Federation of Ski Instructors. The V stands for Verband, German for Federation.

The IVSI is one of three international bodies governing and representing those involved in teaching, training and coaching skiers. The other bodies are: ISIA - the International Ski Instructor's Association - the organisation for professional ski instructors usually employed in mountain ski schools. In the UK the member body is BASI. IVSS - the organisation for skiing within schools, colleges and universities. Currently this organisation has no UK Member.

The IVSI was formed as the IAASI - the International Association of Amateur Ski Instructors. The IVSI's original nomenclature reflected it's role as a body primarily consisting of national sporting governing bodies who in turn qualified coaches who dealt with athletes. Its former nomenclature follows a pattern which is consistent with many other sports. In 1983 the IVSI recognized that the role fulfilled by its coaches was that of working for governing bodies and clubs - many of whom had amateur athletes. The coaches were however often very much professional; both in the sense of their competence and their being paid - hence the change in name to the IVSI.

Whilst not all IVSI Coaches work full time in the sense of a career and some coaches may well work as volunteers in the main these coaches are very much professional and are paid as such. This trend continues with comments from most nations to the effect that the distinction between IVSI and ISIA instructors now relates more to part time vs full time. Range of Operation.

Holders of the IVSI international licence are authorised to operate within their own club or organisation, working with your own group subject to specific national legislation. Both the holder and their skiers must be members of the same group or organisation.

The licence does not authorise the holder to operate as a ski instructor within a ski school, nor does it authorise the holder to tout for business in mountain ski resorts. Issue of Licence The IVSI licence is available on application, to qualified level 4 coaches.

On applying the ADC must confirm that they are:
• Members of a Club or Organisation which is a current member of Snowsport England/Snowsport Wales/Snowsport Scotland
• Not seeking to use the licence to operate with beginning skiers
• Only seeking to operate with members of a Club or Organisation which is a current member of Snowsport England or Individual skiers who they are coaching on an ongoing basis
• Coaches/Coaching Protocol Coaches are also required to have read and be conversant with the Coaches Protocol, which you should have received with your Coaches qualification.

For more information please contact the office on 0121 5012314