UK Coaching Pathway

The UK Coaching Pathway (UKCP) supersedes all previous coaching or performance qualifications. The UKCP is a combined project between BASI, Snowsport Scotland, Snowsport England and Snowsport Wales who will all be offering the same qualifications – same names and same course content.  UK Coaching Pathway courses will be organised by all partners in the project.

These are not qualifications that will allow you to instruct a beginner in the sport. An instructor qualification would be required for a novice rider/skier.

There will be three Coach disciplines:


Each discipline will follow a slightly different pathway to qualify as a Coach.

There are four levels to each discipline;

Level 1 - Entry Level Coach
Level 2
- Club Coach/League Coach
Level 3 - Head Coach/Junior Coach
Level 4 - National Team Coach

For each level there is one main training course. Passing this course gives you TRAINEE STATUS.

From TRAINEE, you can choose to move on to the next level of Coach or attain LICENSED status. Licensed status involves a further assessment after experience in the workplace. Licensed status is essential for anyone who wishes to actively work in the coaching community. Clubs should actively look to ensure their Coaches have or are working towards Licensed status.

The process will be different for snowboarding to reflect the way the sport is organised and practised in the UK. Students can achieve LICENSED STATUS by passing an exam on the course. The club infrastructure does not exist at present, but this pathway will be set up to allow for a progression similar to Alpine, should snowboard evolve into club/league format.

There is NO TRAINEE STATUS for snowboarding only Licensed.

Same as Snowboard. There is NO TRAINEE STATUS for freeski (freestyle) – only Licensed status.

Members with existing qualifications will have their qualifications transferred to UKCP qualifications on revalidation (due every 3 years) - see 'where do I fit in document?'