Leadership Courses

Leadership of skiing and boarding groups on the piste in snowsports resorts is both a challenging skill and a highly rewarding activity. The SCO workshops and the ASCL award are designed for teachers and others who wish to take young people on Snowsport Courses to resorts of an Alpine nature.

The Snowsport Course Organiser, (SCO), workshop is a 1 day workshop covering all aspects of the safe organisation and management of a school snowsports course. It is certificated by attendance and is now required of the lead teacher on the course by most Local Authorities before they will grant permission for such courses to take place. The SCO is a pre-requirement for moving on to the ASCL.

The Alpine Ski Course Leader, (ASCL), award is a 6 day course held in an Alpine resort. (At present there is no similar award for snowboarding but it is hoped to have one in the future). The course involves training in all aspects of leadership on the piste and, as the week progresses, develops into an assessment of candidates leadership and skiing skills. Successful candidates who pass the practical elements of the course and a written exam on safe leadership skills and elements of the mountain environment are awarded the ASCL qualification. Local Authorities are moving towards requiring this level of award for those teachers who wish to lead their pupils around the piste when they are not in ski school.

Neither the Snowsport Course Organiser, nor the Alpine Ski Course Leader, award is designed as a Snowsports teaching /instructing qualification and may not be used as such.

 For dates on all SCO and ASCL Courses please refer to the Snowsport England website.

This award must be revalidated every 3 years.