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UK Snowsport Coaching Awards provide training course and qualifications designed to allow coaches, leaders and instructors to develop their skills within their professionally regulated vocation. These coaches, leaders and instructors support skiers and snowboarders in reaching their full potential.

Courses are available in each of the disciplines of skiing and snowboarding and are then available as instructing (working with recreational participants), performance (working with competitors) and leadership (aimed at schools and youth group organisers and leaders).

UK Snowsports is the awarding body composed of the home nation governing bodies, who have successfully delivered coaching, leading and instructing awards for more than 30 years. The UK Snowsport Awards are recognised throughout Great Britain and include internationally recognised IVSI awards at the higher levels.

UK Snowsports instructing, coaching and leadership awards are organised across all skiing and snowboarding disciplines and are aimed at those who want to get involved with developing snowsport participants from working with novices through to international competitors.

UK Snowsports courses are organised locally within the UK at artificial slopes (indoor snow and outdoor) as well as in the alps throughout the year.

Already Qualified Abroad or Hold Other Snowsport Qualifications?

If you already have another qualification and wish to join the UK Snowsports Coaching Awards, please complete the form Where do I Fit In? and send to your registering body (England/Wales) with your membership fees and registration form.  The form clearly outlines where other qualifications fit into the UK Snowsport Coaching Awards.